Bahati has finally broken silence after a video vixen in his Adhiambo song threatened to sue him for failing to pay her.

Taking to Instagram, the mama hitmaker gave a sarcastic response to the accusations, by sharing scenes from the music video and wondering what the song had done, since he was being tagged a lot.

“Hii ngoma imefanya nini? So many tags. #ADHIAMBO 22 Million views and counting,” Bahati said.


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His followers however told him that he owes the voluptuous vixen, Brenda Otieno, and  the noble thing he should do is to pay her.

Brenda recently went viral after claiming that she never earned anything from the song, yet it had garnered millions of views.

She gave Bahati 24 hours to pay her or else she would drag him to court.

“I am tired of being quiet, I have been quiet for over a year, someone who can reach Bahati tell him I am giving him 24hrs, if he doesn’t pay me for being a video vixen in Adhiambo song I am going to sue him because we have laws, I am a woman, this man takes advantage, the video has 24 million views he has never paid me. If he doesn’t reach out to me in 24 hours and tell me how he is going to pay I am going to take this matter to the law and nobody is going to stop me,” she said in a video she shared on her IG account.

This was however not the first time she was accusing Bahati of not paying her. Brenda made similar allegations last year.

She however recently revealed that she was told to back off. According to her, she went silent thinking that Bahati will meet her demands.

She further describe Bahati as a selfish human being.

“Last year when I complained of not being paid by Bahati I was asked to keep quiet thinking he was going to do something. This man is so selfish and full of himself,” Brenda said .



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