“Maybe nitampost mkono, ndevu but hana ndevu refu,” Betty Kyallo described her mysterious man.


The media personality has noted that her boyfriend could be her baby daddy when the time is right.

Betty sees her man as a potential baby daddy because he is a good person and isn’t dramatic.

She is however just waiting for the right time before getting her second born.

“Ivanna has been wanting a brother and sister for such a long time now but…I am dating a real nice person right now, hajanionyesha madrama. With this one there is potential, Insha Allah.

“When the time is right I wanna have a second baby but I have forgotten about motherhood, diapers, how does the baby sleep. Ivanna is turning 9 years in June. It has been 9 years since I had a baby. If God says it is today whoever I will touch it will happen,” the former TV girl said during the launch of the second season of her reality show Kyallo Kulture.

Betty however said that her boyfriend will not be featured in the show. According to her, she doesn’t want to put him out there after her previous relationship was mishandled.

At the same time, she gave hints on her boyfriend’s appearance and revealed that the he doesn’t leave in Nairobi.

“My ex-boyfriend and the break-up was too much. It was mishandled by everybody. We put ourselves out there and the public really reacted to us breaking up and it was just a normal break up. For this one maybe at some point in the future but for now… he is also a very private person and he doesn’t stay here. Maybe huko mbele, maybe nitampost mkono, ndevu but hana ndevu refu,” she said adding that she had seen many advantages of keeping her lovelife private.

“I feel like it is so easy to know somebody and learn who he is without the pressure of the public. At least you know that this person is coming to you not for the fame or followers like other people who did that, they just love you for who you are.”

She has however been tempted to post him because of the love he shows her.

“The places he takes me sometimes he looks so good that I wanna post but I just say for the better good, let me just chill,” the mother of one said, noting that her mother also warned her against posting her boyfriend.

“My mum was like if you dare post, unapost ule unaoa, hatutaki kuona. My mum is always on [social media] checking my …I don’t like it. When you try to block her, opens another account. She is a good mum,” Betty Kyallo said.



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