Home Entertaintment Born A Millionaire! Vera Sidika’s Daughter Becomes Youngest CEO

Born A Millionaire! Vera Sidika’s Daughter Becomes Youngest CEO

Born A Millionaire! Vera Sidika's Daughter Becomes Youngest CEO

Vera Sidika’s daughter is making more money than most civil servants, the socialite has opened revenue streams for her baby.

Sidika’s daughter Asia Brown is the CEO of a babycare shop which her mother is launching to sell organic haircare and skincare products for babies.

Vera gave birth to her daughter Asia Brown on October 20th 2021, she immediately opened an Instagram account for her to make a few coins.

Asia Brown’s IG has slightly over 90,000 followers by now, her accounts is used to promote brands which pay for the marketing.

Vera also explored other options to earn her daughter more money at a young age. She is starting the hair care business for her with the proceeds going to Asia’s bank account.

“After so many inquiries on what I use on baby A & many of y’all asking me to make it for commercial. I’ve slowly been thinking of the idea of creating her own hair care line. And being the businesswoman I am, why not. After all it’s all going to her bank accounts & baby girl will be her own self made millionaire at an early age. Plus she will take up & run her own business once she of age,” wrote Vera Sidika.

She added that;

“So many compliments on Asia’s hair. Thank you. Like I once said, I make her hair products from home. I have very bad hair so I do wigs but always wanted my child to have the best, healthy & well cared for hair.”

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