“My kid was denied” Carol Sonnie has opened up on co-parenting with Mulamwah.

Their daughter, Keilah Oyando, recently turned two years old and Carol ‘Sonnie’ Muthoni treated her to a vacation in Mombasa to mark the milestone.

Carol is however unaware whether Mulamwah celebrated the young one on her special day.

“I don’t know, it was just me and Kayla I just wanted us to have that katime just both us and see how things are going to be,” she told Nicholas Kioko.

Kioko asked whether she was co-parenting with Mulamwah and she shockingly asked “with who.”

“Hizo mastory sitaki kuongelea sana because tushatoka huko,” the actress further said, adding that, ” What matters at the moment is Kayla is good, Keilah is growing.”

She further noted that Mulamwah should be the one to be asked such questions because he publicly denied being Kayla’s dad.

“I feel like that the person that you have mentioned should be asked the right questions coz we all saw alideny mtoto wake I don’t why you guys don’t ask that question like ulideny mtoto wako…So its good and it’s going to be okay if you ask the right questions e.g is Kayla your kid yes or no,” the mother of one said.

Kioko seized the opportunity demanding to know whether Mulamwah is Keilah’s biological father.

” My kid was denied, how am I supposed to answer that. What matters ni mtoi agrow story nyingi tuwache . I wouldn’t want to answer that. The truth of the matter is everything is okay, everything is fresh, that’s what matters most,” Carol responded.

“Mi sijui. I wouldn’t want to talk about that. We si umemwona anakaa nani? Unaona kwa interview venye tumeanza rudini hapo nyuma mumwone vile anakaa then you tell me what you think,” she further said.

In April last year, Mulamwah shocked Kenyans when he publicly declared that Keila is not his child.

“Keilah is not my kid,” he shared on Instagram.

This came after he claimed that Carol cheated on him.

“The neighbor send me videos of them partying and kissing… I still have them some bloggers have them too having fun on weekends,” the said.



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