“Please pray for my daughter Erica Njeri and her friend Shanice Agose,” Ciku Muiruri says after the sad incident.

Media personality Ciku Muiruri is utterly devastated by the Sunday morning abduction of her precious daughter, Erica Gachoka, and her dear friend, Shanice Agose.

The weight of anguish and despair bears heavily upon her heart. Consumed by sorrow, the radio legend turned to Facebook on Sunday night, pouring out her shattered soul as she recounted the heart-wrenching tale of how her innocent daughter, Erica, and her beloved friend, Shanice, were mercilessly snatched away from their lives by an unfathomably heartless taxi driver.

“Peace be with you all. Novena is below. But first, I have a very special favour to ask each and every one of you. 🙏 In the early hours of Sunday morning (2am), my daughter and a friend of hers were abducted by a taxi driver. I’m going to do everything in my power to get her home safely but I know that we cannot even tie our shoes without God’s Grace. I have no control over what they are doing to her, where she is or if I will ever see her alive again. Only God can help her,” she reveals via Facebook.

The depth of her pain is immeasurable, and her plea for justice echoes with the desperation of a mother robbed of her greatest treasures.

“We know that prayers can move mountains. Stop wars. Please pray for my daughter Erica Njeri and her friend Shanice Agose as part of your intentions. Also, and this is very important, pray for those who have taken them, that their souls may not be lost. Our Lady of the Rosary said that through fasting and prayers, one can suspend laws of nature. I will not have a bite to eat until she is safely returned. And I have faith that with all your prayers, she will be returned to me safe and sound. Jesus, I Trust in You. Please Lord, don’t let them harm my baby.😥 ” Ciku writes further.

In her state of deep distress, Ciku reached out to her followers and the entire Kenyan community, beseeching them to stand beside her in seeking solace and divine intervention from the Almighty. With a heavy heart, she implored them to join her on this painful journey, seeking God’s merciful hand to guide and protect her daughter, Erica, and her cherished friend, Shanice.

 Erica Njeri

Aching with sorrow, Ciku shared a prayer, a poignant piece from the Catholic ‘Novena’ which she had faithfully conducted over the past week. This act of faith and desperation expressed the depths of her anguish and her unwavering belief in the power of prayer.

“Day Seven – Corpus Christi Novena.In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
My Dearest Friend Jesus, “Hoc est enim corpus meum… This is my body.”

“This is the moment of consecration. Your words O Christ, spoken by priests of God with the invocation of the Holy Spirit. This is the moment the host becomes the Body of Christ. We pray today Our Lord, for our enemies. All who wish to do us or our loved ones harm. We reflect on the words of the Gospel according to Matthew.”

She yearns for a miracle, for the safe return of her beloved Erica and Shanice, as her tear-stained plea resonated across the nation, reaching out for divine intervention and the collective strength of a compassionate community.

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