Colonel Mustafa’s mother says she was unaware of the cancer until last year.

Renowned veteran artist mother, made the decision to share her current situation as she bravely recounts her battle with cancer. This comes just days after online trolls targeted Colonel Mustafa for requesting an additional Ksh 1.5 million to ensure his mother receives the complete treatment.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, Mustafa’s mother disclosed that her battle with cancer began in 2021 but she was unaware of her cancer diagnosis until 2022, when she underwent a CT scan in Tanzania. She reveals that most of her time is there, and it was shocking to discover the truth.

After it was discovered that she had cancer, she was flown back to Kenya to start the treatment process. She says it is an expensive process, and she admitted live on camera that she didn’t knew that her son Mustafa was doing Mjengo work to support her and help in funding her treatment process.

Upon the discovery of her cancer, she was swiftly transported back to Kenya to commence her treatment. She expressed that the process was financially burdensome and tearfully admitted on camera that she was unaware her son Mustafa had taken up construction work to support her and fund her treatment.

Colonel MustafaOverwhelmed with emotion, she recounted the hardships Mustafa endured and how she eventually learned about his construction job. She expressed gratitude to God for a chance encounter where a random person captured a video of her son, as that image changed everything.

The video proved to be a lifesaver, as she had missed several chemotherapy sessions, and her condition was deteriorating. However, the overwhelming support from Kenyans has been a tremendous help.

Currently, her treatment is progressing smoothly, and there is hope that things will improve soon.

colonel Mustafa motherIn a candid revelation, she openly shared that cancer had severely affected her kidneys and two blood vessels.

Mama Mustafa conveyed that chemotherapy offered a ray of hope for her recovery, and with God’s grace, she remains optimistic about her healing.

She extended heartfelt thanks to the people of Kenya for their unwavering support, expressing her belief that she will soon regain her health.

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