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Details Of Zuchu And Mama Dangote’s Strained Relationship Leaked

Details Of Zuchu And Mama Dangote's Strained Relationship Leaked

Zuchu and her mother-in-law don’t quite get along because Diamond’s mom wants her son to marry someone else.

Tanzanian media personality Maimatha shared details of Zuchu and Mama Dangote’s ‘lukewarm relationship’ while speaking during an interview with Mbengo TV.

Maimatha said Diamond’s mother only tolerates Zuchu because she has money, further revealing that Mama Dangote wants her son to marry Wasafi FM presenter Aaliyah.

“Zuchu is moneyed that is why Mama Dangote is quiet. She is a female version of Diamond Platnumz. Diamond is a cheat but I don’t think he will cheat on Zuchu. Mama Dangote loves Aaliyah. Aaliyah is continuing to get her primary and secondary needs. Mama Dangote’s favourite is Aaliyah,” Maimatha said.


“Aaliyah’s is also Esma Platnumz’s favourite. Despite that Zuchu still treats them with respect,” she added.

The Tanzanian media personality also said that Mama Dangote and Zuchu’s mom Khadija Kopa have no good relations because of the relationship of the latter’s wish to have her son marry Aaliyah.

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