Home Entertaintment Diamond’s Estranged Father Calls Him Out For Piercing His Nose 

Diamond’s Estranged Father Calls Him Out For Piercing His Nose 

Diamond's Estranged Father Calls Him Out For Piercing His Nose 

Mzee Abdul Juma Isack has criticized his stepson Diamond Platnumz for piercing his nose.

A few weeks ago, Diamond posted a video that showed him getting one side of his nose pierced and placed in a cage. The move created mixed feelings with some being happy with it and others criticizing him.

Mzee Abdul said Diamond’s move to pierce his nose goes against the accepted values in the society.

“Yule kakosea kweli. Kutokana na maadili yetu sisi, watoto wa kiume hawapaswi kufanya vitu kama hivyo,” Mzee Abdul said in an interview with Mbengo TV.

Abdul claimed that the singer may have taken the step due to his talent, wealth, power and pride.

He said Diamond should focus on other aspects of self-beautification that do not violate Tanzanian values.

“Hayo sio maadili ya Kitanzania. Ni maadili ya mbali ya Kinyamwezi. Kusema kweli sikupendezwa na lile suala, aangalie kama kuna vitu vingine vya kugeza,” he added.

In addition, he noted that other great artists such as Ali Kiba have not imitated behaviors such as nose piercing.

“Zamani tulikuwa na mitindo ya kujichorachora mwilini lakini sasa hivi tunajutia,” he said.

Mzee Abdul further advised the musician to stop unethical behavior. He said if Diamond continues with those behaviors, he may lose fans.

Abdul also asked people close to him to advise him on good morals.

Mzee Abdul admitted that he hasn’t seen his son for a long time. However, he expressed his hope that one day the WCB boss will take the step to visit him.

“Labda ana pilkapilka nyingi za kikazi. Labda anakosa kutulia akitafuta maisha. Ipo siku, kama ilivyotokea akanipa salamu, ipo siku atakuja kunipa salamu,” he said.

Mzee Abdul claim to be Diamond’s biological father. However, about two years ago, Diamond’s family led by his mother Mama Dangote seemed to disown him and separate from him.


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