“Bahati reveals that his wife Diana Marua, is only perfect in one siex style!”

It’s no secret that Bahati and Diana Marua’s relationship lacks any sense of privacy anymore, they’ve turned their family and life into content basically. These two lovers seem to have made the conscious decision to bare every detail of their lives to the world via social media.

It’s heartbreaking to see them divulge their most intimate secrets and reveal the very unspeakable details of their love affairs to the public. Even their most personal moments in the bedroom are now out there for anyone to see.

It’s difficult to imagine why they would choose to sacrifice their privacy in this way, but one can only hope that they find fulfillment and happiness in this arrangement with the money they generate out of the millions of views.

Diana Marua’s habit of recording videos while tipsy has now escalated. In one of her latest videos, we can hear Bahati’s voice slurring and stumbling, an indication that he was heavily intoxicated.

Diana Marua Offers Bahati Shoulder To Lean On After Crying Like A Difficult Baby

Diana Marua, lacks knowledge of intimate styles despite what people may think. Bahati even went as far as to state that Diana is only good at one style, which he has coined as ‘Kifo Cha Mende’ or ‘Dead Cockroach’ from January to December.

Bahati claims, Diana has a tendency to boast on social media about having a wild and passionate intimate session when she’s drunk.

"I Can NEVER Give Fans Money" Diana Marua Stupidly Ruins Bahati's Political Career As She Cautions Beggars 

However, he claims that this never comes to any hot siex game because she’s always too intoxicated to even stand up.

In fact, he’s normally the one who has to carry her to bed since she’s unable to walk.

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