Diana Marua will dump Bahati at some point according to their online in-laws.

Via her Twitter account, Beth Kasinga alleges that BNN has exposed details of Diana and Bahati’s relationship and marriage secrets.

She says, “So Kumbe Bahati has been messing around with his baby mama for sometime now and Diana got to find out from people that worked for them .She got all of them fired ,No wonder when she was asked why mueni no longer features kwa vlogs she had a very rude reply!”

A while back, a fan asked Diana Marus about her relationship with Bahati’s baby mama Yvette and their daughter Mueni Bahati which raised eye brows among netizens who were curious to know.

Beth further gives her comments on exes relationships after dating and break up.

“Anyway mlisema aje about baby mamas na baby daddy’s? LEAVE THEM ALONE,they will always have something.
Diana pia wewe umekaa tu hapo ukizalishwa zalishwa and nigga isn’t committing himself to you legally. Did you see the ruling the other day of a mama of 5 kids?” She asks.

Diana Marua and Bahati

Beth says insecurity was screaming in one of Diana’s post recently.

We are closely following up on the details, as the story unfolds.

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