“Mbona anashikashika nunu?” “Na watu wanyoe makwapa, ama Ruto amepandisha Gillette?” Fans tell Diana Marua and Bahati after posting a video fooling with each other in their bedroom.

Diana Marua and Bahati have a well-known and closely followed love relationship. Their relationship began several years ago and has been marked by ups and downs, as well as moments of intense public scrutiny.

The couple’s union has captured the attention of many, given their public personas and the dynamics of their personal lives.

Over the years, Diana Marua and Bahati have shared glimpses of their love and family life through social media platforms. They have been open about their journey as a couple, including their relationship, the birth of their children, and the challenges they have face along the way.

Their relationship has not been without controversies and criticisms, as they have faced scrutiny from the public and media for various reasons including over sharing and being extremely childish.

"He Is Still Recovering From Last Night" Diana Marua Claims She Overpowers Bahati During Lungula In a video that has since gone viral, Diana walks into their bedroom as Bahati is making a call, dressed in nothing but shorts, Diana tries to interrupt by kissing and touching him. As he speaks with someone on the other end, Baha is seen touching himself.

Throughout their journey, Diana Marua and Bahati have emphasized their love and commitment to each other and their family.

Diana Marua Offers Bahati Shoulder To Lean On After Crying Like A Difficult BabyThey have shared heartfelt moments and have often expressed their gratitude for the love and support they receive from their fans and well-wishers.

To many, such an act on camera and then sharing on social media can be uncomfortable but to them; this is the price, they have to pay, for choosing to dance with the devil, literally.


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