Home Entertaintment DJ Crème Speaks On Cheating On His Wife, Their Separation And Reunion

DJ Crème Speaks On Cheating On His Wife, Their Separation And Reunion

DJ Crème Speaks On Cheating On His Wife, Their Separation And Reunion

DJ Crème cheated on his wife Denise Njuguna and the s3x tape leaked online making him even more popular than his deejay job.

In November 2015, DJ Crème made headlines globally after his s3x tape went viral on social media.

In the five minute-long video, DJ Crème is seen partaking of the forbidden fruit on a bed with a young woman who was identified as Halima Nassir.

When the world condemned and mocked DJ Crème after his s3x tape leaked, his wife Denise strongly stood by him and gave him a shoulder to lean on.

However, in July 2021 DJ Crème shocked the world again when he announced that his marriage to Denise had hit rock bottom.

The controversial mix master condemned the institution of marriage which he termed as a ‘scam’ without revealing what happened between him and Denise.

Taking to his Instagram page to express his frustrations, the mix master wrote “Marriage is a scam, let nobody lie to you!”

DJ Crème and Denise unfollowed each other and deleted photos of each other from their Instagram pages.

Creme also changed his Instagram bio from “DJ, dad and husband” to “CEO Esko Life Clothing”.

Denises and DJ Crème had been together for 14 years when proposed to her in March last year, they are blessed with two children.

After discrediting the institution of marriage, DJ Crème made a public statement again retracting his words after getting back together with Denise.

In an interview on Milele FM this March 2022, Crème said he regrets reacting with emotions.

“I regret saying marriage is a scam. That was driven by emotions, something I highly regret. It has really cost me so much. I wouldn’t have wanted my children to go on social media and read or watch such a thing. They will ask me why did you say marriage is a scam,” DJ Crème said.

Creme said that he got back together with his wife and their children.

“My house needed her. I felt empty without my wife. The feeling is amazing and I love that. I will even add some weight.”

Asked to speak about what led to their breakup, Crème said time heals a lot of things.

“In every relationship, where there is a problem, you feel you are at your worst. You see the other person as the worst thing ever. As time goes by, you realize you cannot do without the other person.”

In an earlier interview with Word Is, DJ Crème denied infidelity and being broke as the reasons for their breakup.

“My wife and I don’t fight about women, it was never about that. If we ever fought about women, I would have been affected after the last scandal I had. It was also not about me being broke. If my wife was to leave me because I’m broke, she would have not even settled with me since I knew her when I had nothing.”

Crème claimed in the interview that Denise had a difficult time relocating to Kericho after spending her whole life in Nairobi.

“My wife couldn’t believe we were actually moving, but this was important if we were to manage life through the hard times. We had to swallow our pride, even as everyone wondered how I, arguably Kenya’s best deejay, would move back to what you would call village life. I knew this was the only way out and explained to my wife that we would start all over again,” said Crème.

In an interview with Tuko this April, DJ Crème reflected on his marital woes saying that he had learned the value of forgiveness.

“Conflicts in marriage are unavoidable as couples are diverse, having come from different towns, faiths and personalities.
I learned the value of forgiveness as we both had to admit our mistakes. We had lots of unresolved issues, and they kept piling up. You can never be perfect for each other, but you can compromise.”

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