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“DJ Fatxo, I am Sorry I exposed You” Whistleblower In Jeff Mwathi’s Death Fears For His Safety

Jeff Mwathi

Writer Simon Mwangi Muthiora, who is believed to be the whistle blower in the gruesome death of Jeff Mwathi now fears for his life.

Muthiora took to Facebook on Tuesday saying that he was taking a break from sharing updates about Mwathi’s death since his family as well as himself was in danger.

He accompanied the post with a post that DJ Fatxo, the main suspect  in the murder, had posted on social media on the day Mwathi died.

“This is my last post about JEFF MWATHI today! This photo was posted the day Jeff was killed. Mama Jeff and Family, I did my best. I have my own sons now to protect, they are in danger, but I will protect them with my blood,” Muthiora said.

He went ahead and urged DJ Fatxo not to harm his family and apologized for exposing him.

Muthiora further urged DCI to deliver justice over the young man’s death.

“Please Dj fatxo, don’t mess with me or my boys, I am sorry I exposed you. DCI boss Amin, you only have one choice, burn this country or deliver Justice to this young man in his grave. I am so much done,” Muthiora said.

DJ Fatxo recently held a presser where he detailed his relationship with the deceased, who died at his house.

The Mugithi singer said he had known Jeff Mwathi for two years, adding that he was the one who reported he was missing from his house. He further said that he was willing to support the deceased’s family during the difficult moment.



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