“I love doing life with you,” actress Dorea Chege told DJ Dibul while twerking for him.

DJ Dibul and Dorea Chege are among thousands of Kenyans who travelled to Naivasha for the Safari rally race.

The actress was seen partying hard in Naivasha in a clip she shared on social media.

Chege could be seen rubbing her booty against DJ Dibul’s nether regions as they partied in Naivasha.

“I love doing life with you,” she captioned one of her posts.

DJ Dibul and Dorea Chege’s bliss in Naivasha comes after the former publicly apologized to the latter for bragging that she makes more money than him.

Dorea came out to apologize to her husband DJ Dibul after a public backlash over her statement.

“I decided because I said it publicly right, of cause I have already apologized outside the camera to my baby But I decided I have to do it publicly because I disrespected him in public so it’s only fair enough to apologize also in public. That was so wrong of me, that was bad that was… I don’t even know what to say. It was cruel, it was just bad. It was bad for me to do that,” Dorea said in a YouTube video.


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