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Drama As Two Women Show Up In Court Claiming To Be Felista Nyamathira Who Got Ksh102 Million


When the news broke out on social media about a young 21-year-old student receiving Ksh102 million in her account, everybody was shocked with some happy for her and some slightly jealous but all the same happy for her.

Even though she received the said amount in her account, her account was frozen over suspicion of indulging in money laundering.

The Nairobi Technical Institute student moved to court on November 17, 2021, seeking to have the order of freeze of her account lifted when it came out that her boyfriend, Marc De Mesel was the one who actually wired the money into her account. Her boyfriend is a dollar millionaire and he’s into cryptocurrency.

During a hearing on Wednesday, January 26, 2022 the case took a new twist when two women appeared in court claiming to be Felista Nyamathira.

The two women had hired separate lawyers who shockingly gave contradicting information that left Justice Esther Maina confused.

Mr. Walter Owaga who is one of the lawyers in this case told the court that Ms. Njoroge had left the country six months ago and she’s yet to return. He also noted that the real Njoroge is pregnant and she’s about to give birth.

“It is unfortunate we find ourselves in this situation. The real Felista is out of the country and is heavily pregnant and she is due to give birth. We can present documents to support our position. We can present her to ARA depending on the medical advice and upon traveling back to the country,” said Owaga.

Thomas Maosa who is the advocate representing another woman claiming to be Felista Nyamathira Njoroge claimed that his client is in the country noting that his client had appointed him together with Prof. PLO Lumumba and Mr. Farady Nyangoro to represent and defend the case.

“We presented Felista to ARA but they opted not to take her statement. She is not out of the country. We are ready to present her again,” the court heard.

The hearing was suspended for another 90 days(the case will be mentioned on May 16, 2022) to allow the two women who presented themselves in the court to appear at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations offices to establish their real identifications.


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