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Drug Trafficker Frank Murugi Gets Out Of Prison, Threatens To Deal With Edgar Obare Accordingly 

Drug Trafficker Frank Murugi Gets Out Of Prison, Threatens To Deal With Edgar Obare Accordingly 

Frank Murugi has surprised everyone after announcing he is not in prison, the drug trafficker is now going after Edgar Obare.

Frank Murugi, whose real name is Frank De Tank, was arrested in early February and deported back to Belgium on drug trafficking charges.

The Belgian national came to Kenya and quickly amassed a large following on TikTok under the name ‘Frank Murugi.’

Frank, 42, flew to Kenya in 2017 and rented a house in Nairobi’s leafy Milimani suburbs, where he lived with his 22-year-old girlfriend.

Social media posts of his extravagant lifestyle saw him gain popularity among Kenyans on social media.

Kenyans were however shocked to learn about Frank’s criminal past after he was arrested for raising €3.5 million/Ksh452 million as drug trafficking proceeds.

According to international media reports, Frank and his friend El Hajjioui Nordin were suspected leaders of a gang that trafficked over 2000 tons of cocaine in 2015 and 2016.

Frank, who had previously worked as a dock worker at the Belgian port, was then arrested and questioned. Later, he agreed to work with the police to assist in the arrest of the trafficking syndicate.

He was released on bail and the is when he flew to Kenya in 2017. Further investigations led to his re-arrest.

His trial began on February 11th, 2022. However, Frank is back in Kenya as proved by his social media posts.

The Belgian has changed his name from Frank Murugi to @knarf_igurum on TikTok. He is also using other alias such as Neluemreve Knarf and @knatedknarf on Instagram.

He told his fans that he was never arrested and blamed blogger Edgar Obare for ‘spreading lies’

“To make things clear, I was never arrested! Some Kenyans like to blow up stories. I’m still a free man, sorry Edgar Obare,” wrote Frank Murugi in a post on TikTok.

After his arrest, Obare leaked a s3x tape that exposed Frank Murugi as gay. The video showed the Belgian being smashed from his sewage discharge.

Frank has since confronted Obare accusing him of lying about his deportation from Kenya.

He demanded to meet Obare face to face and also teased him that he would love his buttocks when they meet.

“Lets meet up face to face, I’m not hiding myself like you doing. I will bring my mzungu matako, I know you like it,” Frank Murugi told Obare.

Obare blatantly refused to meet Frank in person and demanded that the Belgian tells him his side of the story virtually.

Frank Murugi was totally pissed after Obare resists his plea to meet with him in person. He told the blogger that he knew he was kidnapped and tortured before and vowed to teach him a lesson again.

“Why you went silent now? If you don’t wanna face me, I will find you I promise you. You make the biggest mistake, better think twice before you start something!! I know you get kidnapped and beaten before.. That’s why you are afraid. See you soon fagget,” Frank angrily lashed out at Obare in a text.

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