Edday was warned her friend Bernice is spoiling her marriage by giving her to men in the US.

Samidoh’s wife and her three children left for the US in early May 2023 and were seen off by her husband.

Edday and the kids arrived in the US and they were met by her America-based friend Bernice Saroni.

Bernice is hosting Edday and her children at her home in Boston, Massachusetts.

Edday and Bernice were seen posing with a mubaba in a recent post on social media.

“Any man can be a father but it takes a real man to be a dad,” Edday captioned the post.

Many people interpreted Edday’s post as warming up to new men in the US after being frustrated by Samdoh back at home.

Some fans warned Edday that her friend Bernice was wrecking her marriage to Samidoh by introducing her to men in the US.

Other fans blasted Edday saying she should do whatever she pleases without parading her moves on social media.

“Umetuchosha sasa… Whatever move you want to take do it peacefully no one will stop you. Samidoh is not t..” Mary Martha commented on Edday’s post.

In a quick rejoinder, Edday told off Mary Martha saying she was not posting on her wall.

“Mary Martha nikipost kwa wall yako udelete,” Edday fired back.


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