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Edwin Chiloba’s ‘Lover’ And A Caretaker Arrested Over His Death

Edwin Chiloba and Jackton Odhiambo.

Edwin Chiloba’s lover and a caretaker have been arrested for investigations in Eldoret over his killing.

The alleged boyfriend’s name is Jackton Odhiambo alias Lizer. Kenyans were shocked to see how brutal the LGBTQ activist and model was killed and his body stuffed in a big metal box.

Police are investigating the incident to root out all the culprits and have them pay for their crime.

The reason behind Chiloba’s killing is not yet know.

Mr Chiloba was a young man who had his thing going on. The model, fashion icon and brand influencer was building his brand from photos seen by Kenya Reports.

In previously done interviews, he revealed that his dream goal was to collaborate with international fashion brands to showcase his creations and fashion designs.

Edwin Chiloba and Jackton Odhiambo.

The arrest of Jackton Odhiambo comes at a time when the whole world is demanding for justice and an end to attacks on LGBTQ members.

This is a developing story……

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