Eric Omondi might challenge Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o in the 2027 general election.

The Comedian turned activist said that he has heard a lot of people speaking about him going for the Lang’ata parliamentary seat.

The father of two however said that he is yet to confirm whether he will actually run for the political seat in the next general elections.

“Hii Lang’ata nimeiskia sana, nikienda huku naiskia, mi mwenyewe nimebaki nimepigwa na butwaa. Sijasema naitamani lakini sasa imeanza kunisumbua akili maanake naiskia sana nikienda kushoto…kulia naiskia. Mimi mweneywe naiskia na mdomo yangu lakini sijasema na mdomo yangu,” Omondi told Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray.

Asked on whether he has started thinking about Eric said, “Inabidi maanake  kuna ile saying inasema the people’s voice is the voice of God nilikuwa naambiwa na pastor yangu kitambo kule Kisumu so lazima tuanze kufikiria.”

Eric said that he was considering vying for Lang’ata because of the wrong decisions that elected members of parliament have been making, hence burdening the Kenyans.

“We have to start thinking about it because, we have been teargassed, arrested  but when the time of making decisions, the stupid politicians pass finance bills, burdening Kenyans. You see Eric protesting, arrested and taken to central police station but when it is time for making decisions Erico is not there. So its just noise he is making out there. You see why I have started considering vying? And it is not me alone, we want to go in there and kick all of them out the 189 MPs that were voted in,” he said.

He also spoke about his recent meeting with Raila Odinga and his wife Ida.

“Mama aliniita tu kuniongelesha kama  kijana mdogo zile makosa ndogo, madoa akaniambia kijana toa hii, usivae earing mama anakusaidia anakuosha kidogo halafu na Baba naye akanipatia wisdom ya miaka,” Omondi said.


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