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Esther Musila Cries Foul Over Increasing Number Of Men Who Are Seducing Her

Guardian Angel Addresses Claims He Got Married To Esther Musila Because Of Her Money 

Esther Musila laments that there are so many men who don’t respect her marriage to Guardian Angel.

The 52-year-old who is married to her 34-year-old musician husband revealed that her Instagram DM is full of men hitting on her even though they clearly see she is married.

The mother of three expressed shock at how men are camping in her DM wishing to win her over.

“I get so many DMs of men hitting on me. Clearly, there are so many people who don’t respect the institution of marriage,” Esther Musila said.

Musila revealed that she deals with the randy men by answering them sometimes, ignoring them or deleting and blocking the senders.

“For me, there is no room to entertain anyone,” she said.

Musila met Guardian Angel through radio personality Maina Kageni who initially brought them together to work on a music project, only for them to end up falling in love.

“She was keen to understand why I struggled to market my music and offered to support me. My wife has been very close to Maina Kageni. She used to tell him that they needed to do something to support my talent,” Guardian Angel said in a past interview.

The couple confirmed their relationship in 2021 and eventually tied the knot in a private wedding in January 2022.

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