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Famous Pastor Dies After Attempting To Fast For 40 Days Like Jesus Christ

Pastor Barajah

The well-known pastor died after attempting to fast for 40 days in order to imitate Jesus Christ.

From the scriptures, it is written that Christ fasted for 40 days.

Francisco Barajah, the founder and preacher at the Santa Trindade Evangelical Church, died in a hospital in Beira, Mozambique, after being rescued in critical condition.

Barajah reportedly had lost so much weight that he couldn’t stand up, after 25 days without food or water.

He was 39 years old only, and was diagnosed with acute anemia and digestive organ failure.

Anemia is a medical condition in which there are insufficient healthy red blood cells to transport oxygen to ones body’s tissues. Anemia, also known as low hemoglobin, can cause fatigue and weakness.

Medical doctors tried everything they could to keep him alive. He was re-hydrated with serums, and liquid foods, but unfortunately, it was too late.

Pastor Barajah, also a French teacher in Messica, a town in Manica’s central province that borders Zimbabwe was well known and adored.

Pastor Barajah

Fasting was ubiquitous for the pastor and his followers, according to Church members of the Santa Trindade Congregation, but not for that long.

Marques Manuel Barajah, the pastor’s brother, said he had fasted.

He also disputed the medical diagnosis of his death.

“The truth is that my brother had low blood pressure,” he revealed.

This is not the first incident such a lethal attempt to imitate Christ’s 40-day fast in the desert as described in Matthew’s Gospel happened..

The famous man of God and a great shepherd passed on Wednesday.

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