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Forget Tinder Swindler, Meet the Kenyan Swindler Elly Okutoyi


I know you’ve heard about the Tinder Swindler or probably watched the documentary on Netflix that has left you holding on to your hats after watching how the Tinder Swindler was living a lie at the expense of other women’s purses.

Well, it’s the same thing, somewhat about the Kenyan version of the Tinder Swindler who got exposed by a lone woman on Twitter who was later corroborated by other women who fell victim to the same person right after they crossed paths with the man who has been dubbed the “Kenyan Swindler” by Kenyans on Twitter (KOT).

According to one @KrystineJean on Twitter who did the expose on the Kenyan Swinder Elly Okutoyi, she took her sweet time and narrated everything she went through with Elly who later on happened to be a swindler[sic] and played with her emotions because it turned out that he was a serial player juggling over three different women at once.

@KrystineJean exposed Elly Okutuyi as the Kenyan Tinder Swindler through her expose that has gone viral

Let’s not spoil the expose for you, here’s @KrystineJean’s tell-all that she did on February 23 on Twitter.

She wrote;


Met this gorgeous gorgeous luhya man on Facebook. He used to just like my photos and all, then he looked me up on ig && sent me a request. So, we were just social media friends, nothing too complicated.

One time on my birthday he dm’d me, but I wasn’t too interested. We kept speaking once in a while until he dropped me his number on IG claiming that I was his crush and he would finally love to hear my voice ( words that will be recognized by most women who’ve been with him).

Fast forward a week later, I called him, we met up, took a drive and he insisted we go back to his house. I was reluctant at first, but I agreed on the condition he drops me back before curfew hours.

At his house, he was all touchy, claiming he’s looking for a wife, he thinks I’m the right fit, and all that crap. He gave me a house tour just to show me that he had nothing to hide and he was single.

No crazy ex, no baby mama, no drama, nil women’s clothes in his house. No nothing. That seemed too good to be true for a 34-year-old man. You literally could not imagine this man was lying.

His Facebook posts clearly showed he was born again. His posts are all about God. If you are his friend then you know this too. He swore by Parklands baptist. He was so against cheating and polygamy. Angelia ata !!??Check what he had to say about the boys club saga.

His TikTok video were words of encouragement from God ??. His bio said he loved solo drives ( which also was a lie ). He was a teetotaler. Never drunk and he said he never would.

After a week of bliss, rainbows, unicorns, 4 hour face time calls, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. And let me tell you maina ? that was the beginning of my classes at Kenya Institute of Character Development.

First month was okay, we saw each other the way a normal couple should. Spend almost all weekends together. The next month, he now starts getting busy. He goes to work at 5am comes back home at 1am.

One thing about this man, he never picks up calls, nor replies messages. He would only call me at night, we have 4-5 hr face time calls then you I would not hear from him again. Did I mention where he works? No ? Poleni makosa ni yangu !!?

So “my man” is a CEO. He owns a company that consults for the UNITED NATIONS. He services their servers, yaani server engineer ( I hope I’ve said it right ) so when I can’t reach him, he is inside the serves, sometimes up to 10 hours.

Na huko UN, they confiscate your phone when inside ?

Those servers were so damaged that my man had to sometimes sleep at work hence why we were not seeing each other often. I stand to be corrected though.

If you check him up on LinkedIn, he has been a CEO for close to 10 years. What’s funny is, he claims to have close 40 employees yet none of them are on LinkedIn except him. You search up that company, it has no website, no physical office, no reviews, no phone number, NIL

But this UN story wasn’t adding up. Because, wapi job pass, car sticker etc. And why would the UNITED NATIONS allow someone who isn’t getting enough rest to fix their servers for more than 18 hours daily? Either he is just an incompetent CEO or UN servers are just trash .

Gorgeous gorgeous girl still didn’t want to pick her red flags and go. Nilikaa. ?? next month we see each other once a month and the next month was also the same. But the face time calls continue.

I would wonder, what is this we must tell each other daily on face time for 5 hours that we can’t say to each other face to face.

So he used the excuse that he gets out of work past curfew hours hence he can’t pick me up.

The few times I came over, he would literally move my car to the last row in the basement, so much so I sometimes found it hard to leave .??”

She went further to disclose that Elly promised her that he would never, ever cheat on her or even take another woman apart from her. She was lied to by Elly.

Krystine went further to narrate her story the way she knows how in a segment that she dubbed the “Finale” on her Twitter handle.

“FINALE… He swore on his life that he has never played any games his whole life. He would literally cry when I confronted him after finding multiple videos of him a with other women on IG.

Since October him and I have been house hunting because apparently, the watchmen at his place would not allow anyone they don’t know to come to his house whether he is there or not. And he doesn’t want to see me harassed. Smart choice property wananijua by my four government names

There was always a problem with every house we got. Mara floors are too cold, mara walls are too bright, mara haina butler, mara kitchen si modern, mara our children will not be safe in it. For a budget of 65k ????we never moved though

I posted him one time and let me tell you Maina, I woke up to almost 10 of his missed calls . He asked me to take down the video or archive it until we are engaged . Something he said he was planning to do very soon.I obliged .I’m here to say, I’m neither engaged nor dating ??

From him working for the UN , DOD, I&M, Stanbic , Coca-Cola , etc …. I got fed up and confronted him with the screenshots I had gotten from one of the lady , and the guy didn’t refuse or deny . He said he had done all of that and he wants out of the relationship.

I met up with him and he had nothing important to say .

He strongly insisted that he wanted to have the last laugh hence why he is the one calling it quits . He also swore that was the first and last time he was playing games . He promised to go back to church and reconcile with God . ?

This man had unlocked premium lies and he was paying yearly subscription.
The brand of the tears has been PREMIUM. But now we laugh ?????


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