“Hata umpatie umbwa style, ngamia style ama ufanye back flips na nunu, Samidoh will leave you,” Sue Gacambi rants.

A heated feud has recently emerged between Sue Gacambi and Karen Nyamu, both involved in a complex web of personal relationships centered around popular Kenyan musician Samidoh.

With emotions running high, Sue Gacambi, known for her association with Samidoh as a US show promoter, has taken a firm stance against Karen Nyamu’s alleged interference in her business relationship with the singer.

Sue Gacambi argues that a man always knows where his heart lies and dismisses Nyamu’s attempts to win over Samidoh. Amidst the turmoil, Edday Nderitu, Samidoh’s wife, has relocated to the United States with their children, finding solace in her new life.

Sue, a US-based promoter, has found herself at odds with Karen Nyamu, as both women vie for the affection of Samidoh. The ongoing clash reached a tipping point when Nyamu allegedly meddled in Gacambi’s business endeavors with Samidoh. Determined to protect her relationship, Gacambi publicly called upon the nominated senator to cease her interference.

Sue Gacambi firmly believes that a man always knows where his heart truly lies, insinuating that Samidoh’s commitment to their relationship with Edday his legal wife, will not waver despite Nyamu’s efforts to win him over.

Gacambi’s unwavering faith in their bond reflects her conviction that love conquers all obstacles.

In response to Karen Nyamu’s attempts to steal Samidoh from her, Sue Gacambi has rallied Edday’s support under the banner of “Team Nothing but Prayers.”

Amidst the tensions surrounding Samidoh’s romantic entanglements, his wife Edday Nderitu has chosen a different path. Relocating to the United States with their children, Nderitu seeks solace and a fresh start away from the public scrutiny.

Embracing her new life, she affirms that things are going well for her and her kids.

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