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Harmonize And Kajala Rehearse For Their Wedding

Harmonize And Kajala Rehearse For Their Wedding In A New Music Video 

Harmonize and Kajala, who got engaged in June this year, are rehearsing for their wedding day.

Harmonize on Thursday night September 21, 2022, released the video for his brand new song ‘Nitaaubeba’ in which his fiancée Fridah Kajala Masanja played as a vixen.

The big message in the song is that he is one hundred per cent devoted to his sweetheart Kajala and that too apart from the words can be seen in the video in a practical way.

Harmonize and Kajala in the new video demonstrated how their wedding will be, especially considering that after exchanging engagement rings in June this year, many are waiting for the wedding itself with insatiable desire.

After releasing the video, Artist Harmonize ran to his Instagram page and left a message.

He said that the video was a dedication to his fiancée Kajala and he made it in a unique way for her – words that if you listen to the song itself you will agree with it directly without needing a detailed analysis.

“I did this for the person I love. It’s your time now to sing to the one you love. Let’s think about how our day will be, our important day. Thank you very much to my great manager, my wife Fridah Kajala for making this happen,” Harmonize praised his girlfriend who is also his manager.

He also opened up that every word and every event in the song as well as its video is just a sign of everything that will happen on the day he will ultimately marry Kajala in a white wedding.

“Know that every word if not a letter in this song explains how much I love you. Inshallah may God guide us together with all lovers. Let’s get there that day,” Harmonize added.

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