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Harmonize Chest Thumps After Winning Kajala Back

Harmonize Chest Thumps After Winning Kajala Back

Harmonize and Fridah Kajala got back together two months after the singer desperately pleaded with her to take him back.

The Bongo singer is now bragging about what it took him to win back his voluptuous fiancée.

In a post on Instagram, Harmonize said he won back Kajala with with an apology and deep talk.

“One deep talk and apology can fix a lot. Start from now you are not late!” he wrote.

Harmonize and Kajala had a dramatic breakup in April 2021 after dating for a short period.

The two started dating in September 2020 after Harmonize broke up with his Italian wife Sarah Michelotti.

However, Harmonize officially introduced Kajala as his girlfriend to the public in February 2021 and two months later in April they had already broken up because of his infidelity.

The Bongo singer ruined his relationship with Kajala after he tried to sleep with her daughter Paula as well.

Kajala was forced to dump Harmonize in April 2021 when she caught him sending her daughter his nude photos in a desperate bid to win her.

She blocked him on all platforms and for a year they both moved on with their lives until the Bongo singer launched bid to reconcile and win her back.

Harmonize started pleading with Kajala to get back together with him after he broke up with his Australian girlfriend Brianna in early March 2022.

He pleaded with Kajala repeatedly to take him back in vain. The Bongo singer has also been spending a lot of money to woo Kajala, he has been erecting giant billboards which have a photo of him and Kajala across Dar es Salaam and also buying her expensive gifts.

Kajala ultimately forgave and accepted Harmonize back after he bought her the two Range Rover Evoque.

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