Home Entertaintment Harusi Tunayo! Gay Sauti Sol Singer Chimano Speaks On His Upcoming Wedding

Harusi Tunayo! Gay Sauti Sol Singer Chimano Speaks On His Upcoming Wedding

Harusi Tunayo! Gay Sauti Sol Singer Chimano Speaks On His Upcoming Wedding

Willis Austin Chimano of all boys band Sauti Sol who publicly come out as gay in December 2021 has revealed his plan to settle down in marriage.

Chimano revealed his true sexuality after releasing his debut single ‘Friday Feeling’ in December last year.

Speaking during an interview with Kiss FM on Friday February 4th, Chimano indicated that he was living a full life after coming out as gay.

“You live a fuller and happier life when you really just fall in love with yourself and accept who you are, if it’s with your sexuality, if it’s with your body, if you are acknowledging that maybe you have an addiction issue, mental issues,” said Chimano.

Chimano also talked about his upcoming wedding, he said that his boyfriend likes privacy, so they will do a private wedding very soon.

He said it will be very private with only few people attending. Chimano noted no one will even realize that they have tied the knot because he doesn’t want his love to face social media bullies and he also respect his private life.

“Are we expecting a wedding soon?” The interviewer asked Chimano.

“That one I will keep to myself for now. One step at a time. That part of my life am working hard to hide it. That’s one thing I will keep to myself. If at all you ever find out good for you. That part of my life is private because it involves other people who don’t want to be in the limelight,” Chimano responded.

However, Chimano can’t legally marry a fellow man in Kenya because the country’s constitution forbids homosexuality in its entirety.

The Kenyan Penal Code, which dates back to the British colonial period, holds liable to imprisonment any person involved in “unnatural offences” or “carnal knowledge against the order of nature” (up to 14 years), and any males involved in “indecent practices” (up to five years).

Kenya’s Penal Code, which criminalises same-sex activity, remain intact especially following a High Court ruling in May 2019 which rejected a petition calling for the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the country.

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