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“He Laughed At Me When I Got D+” Wahu Recounts  Beautiful Moments With Her Late Dad


It has been 10 years since singer Wahu Kagwi lost her father but she has never ceased speaking well of him.

Wahu’s father passed on in January 2013 after suffering from Alzheimer disease, which  causes the brain cells to shrink and die.

Taking to her Instagram account, the mother of three shared a photo of her late dad saying that he is dearly missed, loved and cherished.

Wahu went ahead and shared some of the beautiful memories their family shared with the late.

“He always found excuses of visiting me in high school because he knew I was struggling emotionally. He would bring me things like a sweater, some medicine, a book and then ask to see me for a few minutes,” she recounted.

Apart from that, her father was always interested in her teenage relationships. According to Wahu, he always wanted to meet the boys she liked and would allow her to go on dates.

“I never had to lie. I would be able to tell him when  I had a crush, when I was heartbroken and he always always always listened,” she revealed.

Wahu remembers her late dad. It is 10 years since he passed away


Another memorable moment was when Wahu failed the Swahili Paper in her KCSE exam.

“He valued education, but when I got a D+ plus in Swahili in my KSCE, he literally burst out laughing. I remember him saying “Wahu!!!…D’ and then he laughs until he tears,” she Sweet Love hitmaker recounted.

Her father was so fond of her that he would bring her Nyama choma after coming from the club late at night.

Screenshot of Wahu’s Insta story


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