Anerlisa Muigai opened up about her ordeal with some randy men who wanted to slide into her panties at all costs.

The Kerocho heiress spoke about her experience with men who have been hitting on her in the DMs.

Anerlisa touched upon the peculiar messages she receives from admirers on her Instagram.

The 35-year-old revealed that she has been bombarded with explicit pictures from men seeking to bed her.

“They are so crazy. I receive naked pictures, and someone once told me they were ready to leave their wife to marry me,” she said.

However, Anerlisa clarified that she doesn’t entertain such audacious offers, maintaining her grace and composure.

She revealed that the craziest DM she received was from a man who was offering her Ksh100,000 to sleep with her.

“The craziest DM I received the other day was someone offering KSh 100,000 to sleep with me. I get 50 DMs on a good day, but on trending days, I get 200,” Anerlisa admitted.

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