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“Hii Kitu Ni Moja, Hakuna Ya Vanilla Au Strawberry” Guardian Angel On Marrying A Second Wife

Guardian Angel

Gospel musician Guardian Angel has ruled out marrying a second wife.

Speaking in a recent interview with Digital Reporters, the Rada hitmaker said that he is contented with his wife Esther Musila, adding that he will suffer if he brings another woman in his life.

According to him, he can not emulate biblical David and Solomon and have more wives because they had different grace.

“They had different grace, mine can’t allow. Like now, only one can be a ‘load’ at times. One woman is not a joke, in terms of responsibilities it is not easy although I enjoy the process but getting a second wife I think I will suffer,” the step-father of three said.

Guardian Angel further said that he has witnessed how polygamy is and does not want to go through the trouble. The singer added that a man only grow better with one woman.

“In my family, I have seen my grandfathers with two wives and how their lives turned out, I wouldn’t want to put myself through that. A man’s heart can be at peace easily and grow more if he has one wife. Hii mambo hakuna yenye iko na vanilla flavor, Strawberry, hii kitu ni moja tu jamani,” he said.

Esther on the other also revealed that there are many men who have been hitting on her in her DMs.

“They come but you just ignore. Those that are extreme you just delete and block. Many of them but there is no room for entertainment,” she said.

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