More than Ever, Kenyans have been left confused about TikToker Kelvin Kinuthia’s ideal gender.

This is after a video of the popular content creator dancing surfaced on TikTok. Kinuthia had won a tight short and netizens could not help it but focus on his private are.

“Ask your questions,” the publisher of the video encouraged fans.

@officialkinuthiatiktok Ask your questions 😂 #fypシ #fyp #officialkinuthia #kkinuthia ♬ original sound – OFFICIAL_KINUTHIA_TIKTOK

The video has since garnered over 1200 comments with many wondering if he is a woman or a man.

One of the netizens who reacted was convinced that Kinuthia is a man but his manhood was so small. Here are some of their reactions.

“Gender reveal, its a boy,” Caroaline said.

“He is a boy, though ni kadot,” Beaty said.

“N ahii tarimbo ni nusu mkate. I still don’t understand.”

“I am confused I can only see rosecoco only.”

“Ati mlisema huyu ni he or she coz my eyes are lying to me.”

“Iii ni mjulus ama rosecoco coz wee am not understanding”

A few days ago, Kinuthia shocked Kenyans by announcing that he was expecting.

Aside from that, the content creator has completely abondoned men’s wear. Kinuthia has been donning women clothes even to official state functions.

In May 2022 Kinuthia however came clean about his gender confirming that he is a man.

“Yes it’s true, I am a male but like I had said before I can not stop doing the things that I do because people are trolling me because I am a male. Because that is what has brought me the far that I have come,” he told Mungai Eve.

He went to explain why he prefers to dress like a woman.

“This character has brought me where I am, there is no way I can switch up and start another character. People will get bored, people are used to this version of Knuthia and have accepted it,” he added.



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