The August 9, 2022, general election was marked by low voter turnout. Huddah Monroe was among the millions who didn’t vote.

Independent Boundaries and Elections Commission (IEBC) chair, Wafula Chebukati announced that 65.4 per cent of voters participated in the polls – 14,164,561 voters.

The number of registered voters in Kenya stands at 22,120,458 – meaning that some 7,955,897 voters didn’t take part in the August 9th polls.

Huddah was among voters who steered clear of the August 9th polls. The socialite said she doesn’t vote because of the ignorance of voters who are blinded by ethnicity and other factors.

“1 reason why I don’t vote is coz people are sooo blind they think of tribe instead of change and wonder why they are forever poor from their ancestors to them and probably their kids and their kids kids,” wrote Huddah.

The socialite further called on Kenyans to embrace peace and refuse to be used by politicians to cause havoc/

“Losers can’t leave without a blood shed we already know that. I hope the citizens are smart! Tomorrow you’ll be the same you regardless of who wins. Tusibleed ndio waleed,” she wrote.

Huddah added;

“Ukishindwa oga na urudi soko, lakini kama miaka imeenda hakuna soko. Enda ukalime msitusumbue prissss. Life is hard already. Inflation is killing us. Kshs to USD is shit.”

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