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Huddah Monroe Speaks On Her Experience Being Married To A Drug Addict

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Huddah Monroe was married to a drug addict for four years before their marriage hit rock bottom.

The socialite opened up about her failed marriage for the first in a shocking post on social media.

Many people knew Huddah had never ‘tasted’ marriage before she took to social media to reveal her biggest secret.

The petite socialite revealed that she got married at the age of 19 and that her marriage lasted for four years.

Monroe further divulged that she divorced her then-husband because he was a drug addict.

“I was married for 4 years at 19, we didn’t have a child and I divorced. Coz the man was a drug addict! I wasn’t famous so I didn’t need to advertise it. So I speak from experience. Not mocking y’all. That’s my biggest secret,” Huddah wrote.

Huddah’s revelation could explain why she has been so bitter with African men.

A while back she said that she stopped dating and sleeping with black men after a series of traumatizing experiences that made her blacklist her own race.

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