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“Huna Ata Roho Ya Utu Kila Siku Unanifinya Nalia” Bahati Unforgivingly Roasts Shebesh 


Kioko Bahati alias Bahati has gone HAM on Rachel Shebesh whom he accuses of frustrating his bid to vie for the Mathare constituency seat.

Speaking during a press conference, Bahati said Shebesh and Edwin Sifuna have been piling pressure on him to step down in favour of incumbent Anthony Oluoch.

Bahati said that Shebesh and Sifuna are the architects of the propaganda that he has stepped down in favour of Oluoch.

The singer-cum-politician maintained that independent pollsters had ranked him as the most preferred candidate but he was still being pressured to step down in favour of Oluoch.

“Honourable Shebesh nilimuita kando for a meeting nkamwambia if I am leading and I know nko na ground why can’t you speak to this other guy ata kama munamsupport and she was so clear aliniambia to my face and this is someone I call mom akaniambia to my face ‘I will not support a youth’,” Bahati lamented.

“Mi ni kama mtoto wako mbona unaniwekea propaganda surely? Nimeanza kujua kwa nini Shebesh hukupewa Woman Rep wakapatia Passaris,” He added.

Bahati further called on Shebesh to be compassionate like a mother and stop frustrating him.

“Huna ata roho ya utu na huyu ni mtoto mdogo ata sijafikisha miaka 30. Unataka kila siku unanifinya nalia,” Bahati said.

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