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“I Have No Reasons To Cheat On You” Akothee Assures Omondi Ahead Of Their Wedding 


Akothee has dated several men but she insists that she only dates one man at a time.

The mother of five sought to assure her soon-to-be husband Omondi that he has nothing to fear about faithfulness in their marriage.

In a post on social media, Akothee assured Omondi that she would be 100% faithful to him.

“If there is a lucky man that I know it’s you. We will argue on other things but for sure not cheating nor money issues. I have no reasons to cheat, I date one man at a time. When I fall in love, all men looks like my blood brothers. I lose interests I am the one pulling shorts, I am busy loving you, I have no time for the rest,” Akothee wrote in part.

The singer also assured Omondi that she won’t need his money because she already made her own money.

Akothee however noted that Omondi must fulfill his responsibilities as a man even though she doesn’t depend on a man to pay her bills.

“💋for money issues ,I learnt how to make my own money. I don’t depend on a man to pay for my bills but that doesn’t stop you from taking up your responsibilities as A man.

“I am super proud and lucky that you are different. @misteromosh understands the Role of A husband. You outdo yourself and make me feel like a teenager, you make my head smaller, you made me feel how housewives feel, wee its sweat to be taken care of 🙈You ignore my two shillings and step up like A man.

“That is difficult to find in this age & Error. I still get goose bumps when you constantly pay bills ,it’s new to me 🙈, I know how we always pull both cards at the same time 🤣🤣🤣.

“I am paying, I am paying 🤣🤣 .how you took control of the homes and employees 🙄 sasa mimi ni bibi tuu.
Again I don’t know how to share my Man if I have to share you I better allow you have what you choose. Ahh I always give away my old Toys 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I LOVE YOU MISTER. OMONDI DENIS.”

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