Samidoh was index one when he sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination.

The Mugithi singer on Friday September 15, 2023, shared a copy of his KCPE exam as he talked about his academic excellence back in the day.

Samidoh disclosed that he aspired to be a lawyer but only ended up being a musician-cum-policeman.

“Huyo index number one wa kwenu anafanyanga nini siku hizi😜 I aspired to be a lawyer. Saa hii mimi ni One man guitor AKA. Singing police man 😂😂 Dreams not shattered bado nakula mbuku,” Samidoh wrote.

Samidoh however didn’t share the full copy of his KCPE exam which would have captured all the details including his mean score.

Samidoh was born in Subukia, Nakuru county in 1990 to a peasant family, his mother raised five boys as a single parent after the death of their father.

The death of Samidoh’s father marked a dark chapter in his family as they were kicked out of their property by his dad’s extended family.

His mother bought land in Oljororok using pension money she was given after his father died.

Life was tough for Samidoh and his siblings following his father’s demise, he was forced to drop out of school in class seven.

He became a herder to earn the family an extra coin, his first salary was a meagre Ksh300 per month.

“Since we were helpless he became a herder for six months where I was paid Ksh300” said Samidoh during his interview with Betty Kyallo.

A friend to Samidoh’s mother took him in after she saw how he was suffering working as a herder. She enrolled him to Kieni primary school where he completed his primary education.

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