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“I Wasn’t An Addict” Pendo Reflects On Doing Cocaine On Nairobi Diaries 


Pendo was caught doing cocaine while shooting Nairobi Diaries but she denied it all. Years later she has now confessed to using the hard drug.

Nairobi Diaries was a Kenyan reality television series that premiered on 14th December 2015 on K24 and ran for four years until it was cancelled in 2019.

The show had well-known city socialites as its main cast, with cameras following them in various situations. Nairobi Diaries quickly built up a cult following, engrossed in the dramatic fights and squabbles between cast members.

Nairobi Diaries, however, also attracted criticism in some quarters for what some considered to be cheap production with tasteless themes.

Pendo, aka the Ghetto Princess, has since opened up about an episode on Nairobi Diaries where she was accused of doing cocaine by Bridget Achieng.

The socialite has since confessed that Bridget found her snorting cocaine. However she claims that she was not a cocaine addict and that she was only trying it at the time.

“Experience is the best teacher. Things happen in the industry, and you try things. She probably just saw me one day trying and she tried as well. I tried it but it is not my thing,” said Pendo in a recent interview.

She added that;

“It (doing cocaine) is wasting money. It’s an expensive and meaningless lifestyle that doesn’t help your creativity.”

Pendo is making music comeback after years in the cold. The has dropped an Extended Play (EP) titled ‘Illusion’ which has five songs.


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