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“It Was Too Much” Mr. Seed Opens Up On Why He Quit Gospel Music

mr. seed

Former gospel artist Mr. Seed has come out to narrate the circumstance that saw him turn his back on gospel music.

In an interview with Relate 360, Mr. Seed said gospel music was not paying him well yet he had responsibilities to meet.

“I already let it go, for like two years now. God gave us talent, as much as we are singing and doing other things, we have to feed ourselves out of it but you get it was not paying anything. I had a lot of problems. I remember I was staying in Ruaka. My house would get locked and my things thrown out, it was too much,” he said.

Mr. Seed also said that he quit because other artist were talking ill of him.

“It also got to a point where other artist began talking ill about me. One day I decided that if this thing is not giving me peace, why should I keep doing it. I let it go and find how I will get income,” he added.

Mr. Seed made the decision shortly after Bahati. While Mr. Seed’s decision was based on monetary issues, Bahati claimed he quit the industry over being fought by other artist.

“I was fought a lot in the gospel industry so when I do a gospel song, I do it for God, not for the people. I just separated myself from the Gospel industry for a while, but I’m in Christ and the Lord is my personal saviour. I think right now Wanani is the most played song in the country, and it’s because it requested for by secular and gospel fans because I’m still a son of Christ,” Bahati told MC Jessy.


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