Home Entertaintment Jeff Mwathi’s Mom Lectures DJ Fatxo’s Mother Like A Kid 

Jeff Mwathi’s Mom Lectures DJ Fatxo’s Mother Like A Kid 

Jeff Mwathi's Mom Lectures DJ Fatxo's Mother Like A Kid 

“Heri wewe unaumia mtoto wako akiwa hai, wangu ako kwa Kaburi,” Mama Jeff told DJ Fatxo’s mom.

Jeff’s mother Anne Wacuka reacted to DJ Fatxo claim that his mother was really suffering because of the murder accusations levelled against him.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Milele FM, DJ Fatxo narrated how his mother was undergoing emotional torture amid claims that he killed Jeff Mwathi.

Jeff Mwathi’s mother angrily responded to DJ Fatxo’s claims that his mother was suffering.

Speaking during a live session on TikTok, Anne dismissed the pain DJ Fatxo’s mother was going through saying it was nothing compared to what she was feeling having lost her son.

Mama Jeff told Mama Fatxo that she is better off suffering while his son is still alive, adding that she has been suffering while her son is in the grave and he has not gotten justice for his death.

“Ati mama ya DJ anapitia si ata afadhali wewe unapitia mtoto wako akiwa hai. Mimi napitia wangu akiwa kwa kaburi na mtoto wako ndo alimuua,” Jeff’s mother said.

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