Singer Jovial has opened up about why he prefers male friends to female friends.

The singer said male friends have less drama and less intelligence compared to their female counterparts.

Jovial said girlfriends were toxic and it was very difficult to appreciate each other.

“Someone asked me why I don’t have friends, I have friends but boyfriends and that’s my team. There’s no group as cool as boys anytime any day. We women don’t like each other, I’ve never understood why,” Jovial said.

The singer continued to reveal that this is one of the reasons why he even had more musical collaborations with male artists.

The negative energy of female artists Jovial said is one of the reasons why there are fewer female artists in the industry than men.

“I hate negative vibes, man! That’s why I prefer the men’s team. Focused! One of the reasons is to be selective when it comes to female partnerships,” Jovial noted.

“Especially those who call you babe, those are the worst. Even the pressure of social media is driven by women, that’s why there are few female artists in the industry,” she added.

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