Jovial’s insanely seductive dance with Rashid Abdalla landed her in trouble with some even labelling her a husband snatcher.

The sultry singer came under attack after she danced provocatively with the Citizen TV anchor during his 40th birthday celebration.

Jovial was contracted to perform at the birthday party, however she rubbed some people the wrong way after her dance with Rashid raised eyebrows.

Critics tore into Jovial after her seductive dance with the birthday boy went viral on social media.

The sultry songbird has since come out to defend herself against claims that she deliberately danced provocatively with a married man.

Speaking to YouTuber Mungai Eve, Jovial said she was surprised to see people calling her a husband snatcher. She  stated that she has a man who supports her and understands her work.

The controversial singer explained that it was Lulu Hassan who hired her to serenade her husband Rashid Abdalla.

“I was so surprised to see things people were saying online about the couple because nothing like that was happening. First of all, it was Lulu who invited me to perform for the hubby, if it was the other way around then that would have made sense, but I have a man and he understands what I do and that this is my job,” said Jovial.

Jovial also rubbished claims that she was skimpily dressed at Rashid Abdalla’s birthday party.

“I was actually decent during Abdalla’s party because people who’ve seen me in the club know that we do not play,” said Jovial.

The ‘Suck Kinda Love’ hit maker also claimed that married women are increasing contacting her to serenade their husbands ever since the incident with Rashid Abdalla.

“There are just women who live in their own world. Like I have four women who’ve asked me to come and dance for their hubbies and they are like what you did for Abdalla was nothing, I want you to come and shake it for my hubby,” she said.

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