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Juliani Recalls How Lillian Nganga Seduced Him When They Met For The First Time

Juliani Recalls How Lillian Nganga Seduced Him When They Met For The First Time

Lillian Nganga and her ex husband officially announced their separation on August 15th 2021, two months after she met and seduced Julius Owino alias Juliani.

Mutua and Lillian were married for 10 years but she threw everything away when she met Juliani in June 2021.

The outgoing Machakos governor tried in vain to reconcile with Lillian, even resorting to using threats to get back with her.

Juliani opened up on his relationship with Lillian while speaking during an interview with Saturday Nation.

The Dandora raised rapper revealed that it was Lillian who first made a move on him when they met for the very first time.

Juliani said that Lillian asked for his phone number when they first met and also initiated conversations through text messages.

“She sent me a message on my birthday and we started having random conversations. I think she was attracted to my philosophy and she wanted to find out more,” Juliani said.

Juliani and Lillian officially went public about their relationship on September 3rd 2021 in a bid to wad off jilted Alfred Mutua.

Lillian requested Mutua for a mature and amicable separation before two mutual friends during the meeting at Windsor Golf club on September 22nd 2021.

However, Mutua refused to grant her an amicable separation. He demanded that Lillian publicly apologizes for posting their breakup and for posting her new relationship with Juliani – in order to pave way for their reunion.

Mutua angrily reacted to Lillian’s refusal to comply with his demands, he vowed to crash her and Juliani – and warned them never to set foot in Machakos county.

“So he told me since I will not do as he wants, I will henceforth be his enemy number one and it is a war and he’s gonna (going to) crash me. I told him to go ahead.

“He also told me that we (Lillian and Juliani) should also not set foot in Machakos. One of his friends even asked him to retract the statement but he said no. From then we have not spoken.

“He felt like this person (Juliani) should not have taken me away since he (Mutua) is such an important person. That is such backward thinking. Everyone decided who they want to stay with or marry.

“We have had friends who have tried to mediate for peace between us but to no avail. Even as we sit her, I am for peace because there is no need to burn bridges and become enemies for living together for 10 years.

“Even before the press conference on Thursday (November 4th), I requested for a sit-down with him through a senior lawyer. He completely dismissed us,” Lillian Nganga narrated during an interview with Daily Nation.

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