Kajala revealed she is dating a Kenyan politician moments after she arrived in Nairobi.

The Bongo Movie actress was in Kenya for a charity event that was held on April 22, 2023.

Kajala revealed she was dating a Kenyan politician while speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy Tuva.

The mother of one disclosed that she has been dating the Kenyan politician for the past two months now.

“So you moved on? Uko na nani sasa? (Who are you dating now?)” Mzai asked.

“Mtu anatoka Kenya. (Somebody from Kenya),” Kajala replied.

“Ngoja, mhusika anatoka Kenya? (He is from Kenya?)” Mzazi probed.

“Ndio (yes),” she replied.

“Nani? (Who?)” Mzazi asked.

“Mtu anajulikana. (He is a famous person),” Kajala replied.

“Mtaje. (Name him),” Mzazi insisted.

“Ahh siwezi. (I can’t),” she resisted.

“Mtu maarufu? (He is a famous person?)” Mzazi inquired.

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Mtajie mimi (name him for me),” Mzazi demanded.

“Yuko kwenye politics siwezi kumtaja. (He is in politics I can’t name him),” Kajala revealed.

“Ohh ni mwana siasa? (He is a politician?)” Mzazi inquired.

“Mhh,” Kajala said.

Wewe ndo ulimfwata ama yeye ndo alikufwata? (Are you the one who chased after him or he chased after you?)” Mzazi probed further.

“Mimi nianzaje kumfwata mwanaume? (How do I even start chasing after a man?)” She posed.

“So alianza aje huyu mwanasiasa tutamjua? (How did he start hitting on you?)” Mzazi asked.

“Alianza kama watu wengine wanavyoanza. (Just the way other people start),” she replied.

“Mda gani? (How long have you been dating the politician?)” Mzazi asked.

“Unaenda mwezi wa pili. (About two months now),” Kajala replied.

Sometimes in January 2022, Kajala  warned Kenyan men to stop seducing her on social media insisting that she will never date any man from Kenya.

The voluptuous Bongo Movies actress took to social media to express her frustrations with Kenyan men.

She lamented that Kenyan men have increasingly been hitting on her in her Instagram DM (Direct Message).

Kajala however noted that she is single but would not date any Kenyan man because they are not her type.

She warned Kenyan men to desist from seducing her on Instagram, threatened to expose them if they don’t heed her warning.

“Wanaume wa Kenya nimechoka. I am single and type yangu sio Wakenya mnikome sasa nkt nisione mtu dm yangu I’ll expose you. (Kenyan men am tired. Am single but Kenyan men are not my type. Let me not see anyone on my DM or I will expose you guys) wrote a distraught Kajala.

Kajala’s warning to Kenyan men comes shortly after controversial Kenyan singer Ringtone hit on her.

It’s an irony that Kajala is now dating a Kenyan politician when she stressed that Kenyan men are not her type.

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