Stivo Simple Boy openly thirsted after Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro just hours before he proposed to his girlfriend.

The ‘Fresh Barida’ rapper opened up about his undying crush on Kamene while speaking during an interview with Obinna.

Stivo said that the sassy Kiss FM presenter has all he desires in a woman, praising her big booty in particular.

“Kamene amebeba ngongingo (she has big booty),” he said.

He added…

“Kamene mimi nimedata kwako, njoo kwa Stivo Simple Boy nitakupatia mapenzi simple simple na mambo itakuwa welo welo.”

Kamene reacted to Stivo’s admiration of her big booty in a post on social media.

Speaking on her show on Kiss FM, Kamene told her co-host Obinna that she can’t fall for Stivo.

The radio presenter noted that the Kibera rapper is not her type at the moment because she prefers tall men.

“Stivo am such a fan of yours am your biggest biggest fan Fresh Barida kaka braza but wacha tu ibaki hapo tu kwa kiufan. He is not really my type, not my type. He maybe was a type of mine back in the day lakini kwa sasa nooo. Like I like them tall nowadays,” Kamene said.

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