“MataCore or Masomo pick 1” Kamene Goro couldn’t believe how fast DJ Bonez would move on with Trisha Khalid, if unfortunately she was no more; during their podcast on YouTube as they chose to play their Pick One game alongside Oga Obinna.

Popular media personality Kamene Goro has found herself shocked that her husband’s supposed interest would be in Mombasa beauty queen Trisha Khalid if she was not existing.

If the worst was to happen and Kamene Goro was no longer in the picture, her husband without a second though would pick Trisha Khalid, known for her captivating beauty, hourglass figure, and prominent derriere instead of staying alone mourning her.

In their podcast, Kamene walks away as Obinna asks her to come back. Although it’s all an act, she seems pissed a bit.

“With all my education..so ni matacore tu?” “Shut the F**k up” Kamene says as the show continues.

trishaSo “if I would’ve died you’d be with Trisha?” Kamene asks DJ Bonez.

The former NRG radio and KISS 100 FM radio host acknowledges that Trisha is indeed a hot woman.

Oga Obinna escalated the situation after saying that every man and woman, there is always that one person they wish they were with even those in marriage.

DJ Bonez interrupts Obinna telling him to speak for himself.

“Babe you’d kill me for Trisha Khalid?” Kamene asks her newly wed husband, DJ Bonez.

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