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Kamene Goro’s Bitter Exit And The Person Replacing Her At Kiss FM

Kamene Goro

Kiss FM’s morning show host, Kamene Goro will be leaving the station.

When other media journalists contacted to ask about Kamene Goro departure from Kiss FM, she hesitated to discuss her impending departure from the media organization she has called home for the past three years.

“I don’t have anything to say, but again how is me leaving news?”

“You people should know leaving is not an easy thing, and you should let people be,” Kamene said as reported by Nation Media Group’s, Nairobi News.

Kamene pointed out that such statements often cause harm to the celebrities mentioned. She did not see the need to comment on the story, nevertheless.

Kamene Goro will be leaving the radio station on Friday. According to reports, the company has already scouted for a similarly powerful personality to take over the breakfast show.

On the Kiss Breakfast Show, Kamene is renowned for taking a fearless and frank approach to discussing a range of social concerns. She frequently uses her platform to spread awareness of significant social issues like women’s rights and mental health.

She has been transparent about her difficulties with mental health.

At Ebru TV, Kamene Goro was a reporter and the prime-time news anchor. This is where she got well known by many Kenyans, she was curvy and beautiful, and within a short time, she was featuring often on all blogs at the time.

Soon after leaving Ebru, Kamene began hosting the NRG Radio breakfast program alongside the contentious Andrew Kibe.

On June 14, 2019, the two moved to Kiss 100 before Kibe quit and was replaced by Jalang’o.

Kibe has asked miss Kamene to have a plan before she’s axed out by the media station. She advised her so many times, to use her audience and fan base to build something on the side, in preparation for when the rainy day comes.

From online rumors, Vybez radio’s star, Kwambox is reportedly the one taking over the position at Kiss FM.

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