“Kumbe akili na haga ni vitu mbili parallel” “You have just disrespected a whole community” Netizens have told off Kamene Goro for washing omena fish with soap and disinfectant before cooking.

Popular Kenyan media personality Kamene Goro has found herself at the center of controversy after posting a video of her washing omena, a staple fish in Kenyan cuisine, with soap before cooking went viral.

While Kamene Goro’s intention may have been to show she doesn’t know how to cook omena as many netizens love to slander it as cat foot, her unconventional method has drawn criticism, sparking a heated debate among Kenyans.

The video clip capturing Kamene Goro washing omena with soap before cooking quickly circulated on social media platforms, triggering anger from communities.

Many viewers expressed outrage and disbelief at the unconventional approach, considering it an unnecessary and potentially harmful and shameless practice.

Soap being used on a food item raised concerns about the potential health risks associated with ingesting soap residues but also as an attack on communities that eat omena religiously.

Kamene does this in a video recording session for views and clout alongside her newly married husband and ex co-host at Kiss 100 FM Oga Obinna.

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