“My babies are lucky to have the most loving, generous dad,” Karen Nyamu told Samidoh.

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu have been living together for sometimes and the latter is delighted to have her as a father to her children.

Karen Nyamu has three children, two of her kids were sired by Samidoh while her eldest daughter was fathered by DJ Saint Kevin.

However, Nyamu is glad Samidoh is has been a great father to her firstborn daughter.

She recently posted lovely images of Samidoh and her daughter bonding as she heaped praise on him.

“Even though I’m not married (yet), my babies are lucky to have the most loving, generous, unproblematic dad. Thanks for loving my babies, and thanks for being there. You are appreciated, and what you do, no one else can do. I pray that you be so successful and wealthy,” Karen Nyamu praised Samidoh.

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