“Nikikohoa anaitika, muulize me ni nani!” Karen Nyamu tells off woman saying Samidoh is a just a police Constable.

Karen Nyamu, Samidoh’s lover and baby mama, has stirred up a commotion online after making a highly controversial statement in response to a follower who mocked her relationship with Samidoh.

In her argument, Karen Nyamu involved a president, adding fuel to the fire.

The entire drama started when Karen Nyamu shared a video of herself enjoying quality time with the love of her life, police officer and mugithi crooner Samidoh.

A fan took the opportunity to criticize her, suggesting that she was flaunting her relationship too much, considering that she was only dating a police constable, and questioning what it would be like if she were dating a police commandant instead.

The follower mocked Karen Nyamu’s affection towards Samidoh, attempting to belittle her. Karen Nyamu, renowned for her sharp comebacks, responded with a savage reply. Opting for a confrontational approach, she decided to retaliate against the individual’s remarks.

In her blunt and boastful response, Karen Nyamu confessed that she is capable of becoming pregnant even for a president.

Samidoh Proves He's Not Ready To Let Karen Nyamu Go As He Scares Off Man Who Was Seducing HerShe emphasized that her preference lies in love rather than titles, asserting that she considers herself a significant figure and does not require any additional titles.

Rana said, “Na ungekuwa umezaaa na county commandant kama mimi tungepumua kama constable anakusumbua hivi?”

Karen Nyamu replied, “Naweza zaa na a president nikitaka. Commandant kitu gani nikikohoa anaitika, muulize me ni nani. I go for love not useless titles, me mwenyewe ni title.”

Netizens have been on Karen Nyamu’s case for over celebrating her relationship with Samidoh; which they feel is in attempts to hurt Edday Nderitu’s feelings.

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