A Kenyan Actor has people talking about her after she got featured on the new box office movie that was among the most highly anticipated movies of 2021.

The Matrix Ressurection that features Keanu Reeves saw our very own renowned actor Mumbi Maina landing herself a role in the franchise that has been there more than a decade.

Speaking on an exclusive interview with a local publisher at the movie’s premiere at a Nairobi Cinema, Mumbi Maina whose character’s name is Elister opened up about how he landed a role in The Matrix movie.

She had to fly all the way to Hollywood this year to shoot her scene is very ecstatic that she got work with the franchise known almost everywhere around the world.

Mumbi Maina

“I was there for about 6 weeks, I got the role because of my character in sense 8 before. I was very excited when I got the email. In the middle of Covid? look what happened,” said Mumbi Maina.

Whilst in Hollywood, Mumbi met with the super humble actor Keanu Reeves and the ever beautiful and talented actor Jada Pinkett who are main protagonists in the movie.

“Meeting Keanu was a highlight for sure, he is the most down-to-earth person that I have ever met. It was so exciting, he made it easy and put a lot of perspective into how we treat other people,” Mumbi added.

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