Home Entertaintment Khaligraph Jones: My 14 Vehicles Don’t Even Cost A Lot Of Money 

Khaligraph Jones: My 14 Vehicles Don’t Even Cost A Lot Of Money 

Khaligraph Jones: My 14 Vehicles Don't Even Cost A Lot Of Money 

Khaligraph Jones owns multimillion shillings car collection that includes some of the most revered automobile brands in the world.

Khaligraph, whose real name Brian Omollo, rose from absolute poverty to make it big in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

The rapper at one time contemplated committing suicide as he got tired of living life in abject poverty. He didn’t see hope in the horizon.

However, things changed for the better for Khaligraph as his music career blossomed earning him a lot of money in the process.

The rapper is now among some of the richest musicians in Kenya, he boasts of an impressive car collection.

Speaking during a YouTube interview, Khaligraph revealed that he currently owns 14 vehicles.

He noted that people think that his vehicles cost a lot of money, saying that deep down he knows where he gets his whips since he also sells cars and he knows who to decorate his cars so that people think its expensive.

The rapper revealed that the most expensive vehicle in his collection costs Ksh1.3 million while the cheapest has a price tag of Ksh700,000.

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